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If you are looking for dependable healthcare staffing services, nothing compares to SPD Staffing. We specialize in solving unique challenges faced by facilities struggling to find, secure, and retain healthcare talent. Our expertise, close connections and extensive reach sets us apart and gives you an advantage when seeking the best staffing solutions available. When you choose us, you get to eliminate all of your staffing concerns and instead enjoy excellent service.

We Can Provide You With

So that you can…

Fill your open shifts - you don’t have to have open holes in your shifts. You can be fully staffed. Gain the staffing support that you need to increase patient care - that’s the most important goal right? Reduce burnout and hire professionals who you can retain so that you can lower your turnover rate and reduce hiring costs. Speaking of lowering costs, based on how you need these amazing healthcare professionals, our team can show you how you can reduce payroll costs by creating a custom staffing plan for you.

However You Need Them

Short-term Contract Staffing

You need to fill a role for a specific amount of time, but you don’t want to waste any of your time screening, interviewing, onboarding, etc. Our experts will assess your needs and design a better solution than you would be able to formulate on your own.

Per Diem/Travel Staffing

Are you having trouble filling the gaps in your schedule? Or maybe you’re experiencing a sudden surge in workload due to new units being opened or unexpected demand? You can count on us to swiftly deploy reliable healthcare candidates, and fast.

Try Before You Hire Staffing

You want to observe our recommended candidate’s performance on the job before making them a permanent fixture in your roster. No problem! We’ll help you organize a smooth integration and onboarding when you make a final decision.

Long-Term FT Direct Hires

Spending millions of dollars per month in temp, contract, and travel staffing? We can help reduce your costs by replacing your hourly staff with full-time employees who would love to work for your organization. We present you with the best candidates, already screened and interviewed for your convenience.

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With our experience and knowledge we’re confident we will bring reliable solutions to your staffing needs. Give us a call at 773-961-7982 and let’s discuss your specific requirements, or Request Staff Right Now, and we’ll get on it right away!